#1: Video: Week #7 Homework Overview (5min)

Watch homework overview video: http://www.realmanschool.com/go/week7-hw

#2: Bible Reading & Written Response (45min)

Read ALL of the following: Ephesians 5, Proverbs Chapters 5-8, Book of Colossians, 1 Corinthians 7

Choose either the Proverbs passage or Colossians passage and write a one page response in light of our topic, “Lust and Love” and share your response with your table when you arrive at class.

#3: Contemplation: Traits of Wife (15min)

Retreat to a quiet place. Pray. Ask God to tenderize your heart and see your wife as He sees and created her.

  • If Married: Celebrate traits of your wife. How are you seeking to serve her? How does she seek to serve you? For what are you thankful? How has God uniquely gifted her? Does she feel treasured, led, and protected by you?
  • If Single: Are you called to a life of singleness? What does that look like? If you desire to marry, consider the desired traits of your future wife. Are your desires Biblical, chauvinistic / vain, or other? How are you honoring her now? How are you preparing for her?

#4: Write Love Letter (15min)

Married: Letter to Wife.  Single: Letter to FUTURE Wife. Keep it and give it to her when you marry.
As a follow-up to the previous assignment, write a love letter! Spend time with this and make it longer than a paragraph. Affirm / encourage her, offer words of blessing, celebrate her, cherish her, thank her, compliment her.

#5: Video & Exercise (Assignment #7-1): The Daily 5 A’s (20min)

Review Video: http://www.realmanschool.com/go/5a-video
Reference Assignment #7-1: The Daily 5 A’s on page
104 or online at http://www.realmanschool.com/7-1-the-daily-5-as

This exercise is for married men. “The Daily 5 A’s” is a structured daily exercise for connecting with, serving, praying for, and affirming your wife. It will feel awkward and contrived. Try it. Keep trying it. It will have a HUGE impact on your heart & marriage. Most wives will absolutely love this.

  • If Single: Review this exercise and journal: What would be valuable about this? Would this make you uncomfortable? Why? Would you do it anyway?
  • If Dating: Review this exercise and if appropriate based on your relationship, complete the exercise. For physical touch… don’t be an idiot. Respectfully hug or something. Respect and honor her as a daughter of God.

#6: Sermon: Marriage & Men by Mark Driscoll (80min)

Make sure to watch the Week #7 Homework Overview video before watching this sermon. In the sermon, Mark Driscoll explores common “types” of men, and pastorally addresses the struggles of men in the context of his church. Quite frankly, this is an intense and occasionally polarizing sermon.

Review the questions below before watching the sermon, then collecting and journal about your thoughts.


  • Did / does your dad fit any of the “types” referenced in the sermon? Which?
  • Be honest with yourself, which type of man are you OR do you have a tendency to toward?
  • Does this sermon offend or anger you? What part and why?
  • What does righteous anger look like? As a married man, how should you honor your wife? As a single man, how should you honor your future wife?
  • As men, how do we appropriately serve, guard, and protect the women, sisters, and daughters at church?
  • Should you pursue confession / repentance and change as a result of anything in this sermon? Do it. Share with others.

#7: Homework Response (10min)



Extra Credit

EC1: Sermon: “Sex, Romance, and Reality” by Matt Brown


EC2: Article: “The Gospel & Sex” by Tim Keller