#1: Video: Week #8 Homework Overview (5min)

Watch homework overview video: http://www.realmanschool.com/go/week8-hw

#2: Assignment #8-1: 16 Rules for Effective Communication (15min)

Reference Assignment #8-1 in your workbook OR access online at: http://www.realmanschool.com/16-rules-effective-communication/

Review these. What would it look like to pursue these in your life and intimate relationships? Review them with your significant other and family. Try to actually DO them!

#3: Assignment #8-2: Jesus: Humble Servant Friend & Warrior King (30min)

Reference Assignment #8-2 in your workbook OR access online at: http://www.realmanschool.com/jesus-humble-servant-friend-warrior-king/

Review & complete the exercise in this workbook or your journal.

#4: Lecture: Spiritual Warfare Part 1 by Mark Driscoll OR David Platt (75min)

OPTION #1 (Mark Driscoll): http://www.realmanschool.com/go/driscoll-spiritual-warfare

OPTION #2 (David Platt): http://www.realmanschool.com/go/platt-spiritual-warfare

Each lecture is a 4 part series. Your assignment is to watch / listen to Part 1. These serve as great, Biblical founded teaching on the topic of Spiritual Warfare. Write thoughts & questions in your journal.

#5: Assignment #8-3: Lead a Devotional with Family or Friends (30min)

Reference Assignment #8-3 in your workbook OR access online at: http://www.realmanschool.com/leading-a-devotional/

This exercise walks you through how to lead a devotional. The homework however, is to actually lead one. This may stretch you, but it is a fantastic growth opportunity.

  • If married without kids or dating: Lead the devotional with your significant other.
  • If you have children: Lead the devotional with your entire family.
  • If single: Lead the devotional with friends.

#6: Article: Prayer as Rebellion Against the Status Quo (4 pages) (10min)


#7: Create Culture: How may I help you? (–min)

Try something crazy: Every day this week, go each person in your household (including any children) and ask a simple question: “How may I help you?” If they have a request, help them.

#8: Homework Response (10min)