#1: Video: Week #9 Homework Overview (5min)

Watch homework overview video: http://www.realmanschool.com/go/week9-hw

#2: Worship: Psalm 13, 88, 104 and 111 (30min)

Ask God to speak to your heart and teach you more about him and yourself. These reading selections contain Psalms of praise / thanksgiving and lament. Read each Psalm.

After reading, write a poem in a similar fashion. (Yes, you read this correctly.).Share your heart with God through creative writing. This exercise may be quite stretching for you. That’s OK. You’ll survive.

#3: Journal: Defined Growth Gap (20min)

Throughout Man School, what did you learn about yourself, others, God, church, relationships, etc?  Have there been any changes in your mind, heart, and/or focus? What are they? We under it has not been a long time.

Journal: Where was I at the beginning of this class? Where am I now? Where am I going?

#4: Personal Mission Statement (30min)

Review Assignment #9-1: Mission Statement Project on page 108 OR online at http://www.realmanschool.com/mission-statement-project/
This assignment is straight-forward. Create your personal mission statement. Really invest effort in this. Share it with people that are significant in your life. Ask them for their thoughts.

#5: SMART Goals (35min)

Review the website above. “SMART” goal-setting helps position you for movement / success by providing a structure for creating… smart goals!
Look at the areas below and consider which areas for which you should create specific goals. Don’t make too many. Write them in your journal. With whom will you share these?

  • Devotional Life / Spiritual Disciplines.
  • Spiritual Authority & Influence
  • Wife & Family
  • Serving at Church
  • Serving others.
  • Friends / Life in Community.

#6: Future Letter (20min)

As you have reflected on your Man School and life to complete the previous assignments for this week, write a letter to your future self.  What do you want to remember? What do you hope to see? look like in December of 2014.  It’s “only” a year, but a lot can happen in a year.

Write a 2+ page letter to yourself.

#7: Week #9 Response (20min)

Complete this survey AFTER you have completed the prior assignments. We will ask you about your conclusions.

#8: Survey: Class Retrospective (20min) – POSTPONED UNTIL AFTER WEEK #9



Extra Credit

EC1: Sermon: Why we ALL Need the Gospel by Francis Chan