There are many short assignments (and a few longer ones) to kick off Week #1. Don’t be off-put by the quantity of assignments! Every week will be VERY different. For Week #1, we are setting up the foundation of our class. There is variety for different minds, interests, and challenge! Please take care to complete the assignments in order.

You agreed to complete 3 hours of homework for Man School. Let’s be aggressively eager learners and men of honor. Let’s get to work…

#1: Video: Homework Overview (5min)

This video provides a quick overview of what to expect from homework in Man School. Also, take a few moments to review the list of assignments for Week #1.

#2: Video: Welcome & Wisdom from Jeff White (5min)

Jeff White is the Director of Family & Adult Ministry at Sandals. He welcomes you and offers insight on wisdom.

As men, it is important that we deeply value wisdom. The beautiful and sometimes annoying thing about scripture is that it offers objective and deep truth that we can hold onto and depend on, regardless of our age and experience. Wisdom can come from someone of any generation.

Generations of men gathering for Man School is a wonderful opportunity to learn from those that have come before us and invest into those following in our footsteps…

#3: Video: Spiritual Formation vs. Behavior Management (5min)
Pastor Dan Crowley teaches on the HUGE difference between “trying harder to control our behaviors” vs. having our hearts and desires radically transformed by power of Holy Spirit. 

#4: Read Article: How to Pray by Winfield Bevin (5min / 1 page)

We will be praying A LOT throughout Man School. Prayer can sometimes be intimidating, confusing, or even scary. We hope this short document will help you feel more comfortable praying.

Simply put, God just wants you to talk to him as a loving Father… share your thankfulness, thoughts, ideas, fears, pains, worries, joys, desires, and confessions. He is worthy of honor and reverence, but desires you to be honest and real with Him. Tell him how great or confusing He is. Ask for his help in loving and honoring Him. He loves for and desires for you to focus on Him. As we focus on Him, we are transformed.

#5: Video: Receive, Reject, Redeem by Mark Driscoll (10min)

When you go to the URL above, you will have to click on the “Sign In / Sign Up” link to create a free account.

Create an account and watch the 10 minute video from Pastor Mark Driscoll. The big idea: in the world we must discern what to RECEIVE (believe and use in our lives, it is okay to experience as it is), REJECT (does not belong in our lives), REDEEM (neutral or “bad” things that can be used for glorious good). This is extremely useful information for processing the world around us.

#6: Video: Powers of Ten (10min)
This video has been excerpted from an IMAX documentary that explores the known and theoretical macro and micro universe(s). This should be an interesting and thought-provoking setup for the next assignment. 

#7: Read Genesis 1 – 3 (2x) (30min Total)

Read Genesis 1-3 twice. Journal about the following:

  • What do we learn about God and who God is?
  • What do we learn about men and women?
  • What do we learn about the world?
  • What are your questions, thoughts, curiosities, and confusions?

#8: Video: What is the Gospel?  by Paul Washer (15MIN)

We all need the Gospel. We need to preach the Gospel to ourselves daily. 

#9: Prayer: Prepare Your Heart (?min)

NOTE: We will not include estimated times for all prayer exercises. Our encouragement is to pray for 4x longer than is typically “comfortable” for you. For some, this will be 5-10min, for others it may be an hour or more. Hopefully, this merely offers topical focus to and extends your current prayer time. Prayer matters. 

Spend time in earnest prayer for the following:

  • God: Open your heart to who God is, how He loves, how big He is, how confusing He can be, His awesomeness, how close or far away way he feels, etc.
  • Self: Open your heart to your sin & confession, areas for growth, areas for discipline, celebrate recent growth, honest questions, a heart of humility, celebrate how God has redeemed your past, how you are thankful to God and for God.
  • Man School: The speakers as they prepare, other men as they go through this class, your group leader, brotherhood, people feeling connected to God.
  • Women / Cultivate: The women of our church going through Cultivate,  deep friendship, openness, connection with God, authenticity in sharing, healing for areas of brokenness.
  • Children: The children of our church: that they would experience the love of God and have good examples around them, that they would be protected from evil, they their parents would love God.
  • The REACH Series: That people would come to Sandals and hear the Gospel, that our church would go to the people of the Inland Empire so they can hear and see the Gospel, and that our church would be generous in giving of time, talent, and treasure as we pursue making Christ’s name cherished in the world.

#10: Sermon: Why We All Need the Gospel by Francis Chan (55MIN)
Pastor Francis Chan, author of a great book called “Crazy Love” preaches the Gospel at a Pastor’s conference.

Questions for Contemplation while you watch / listen:

  • What is your reputation with others, self, and God?
  • Do you believe that God so loved the world that he gave His only son, and that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.
  • Is there such thing as a “lukewarm” Christian?

#11: Survey: Your Starting Point (30min)
In our class, we are starting a journey together. Completing this survey is crucial to the process because it helps you slow down and take time to consider where you have come from and where you are… believing that God, Scripture, and real life with others will help you see where you need to be, where you are going, and how you will get there. Please take care to set aside time for you to really consider the questions. Be honest.