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Video: Week #4 Homework Overview (5min) – AVAILABLE at the end of 10/31

Watch homework overview video: http://www.realmanschool.com/go/week4-hw

#1: Track time & Pray (30min)

Set aside a few minutes at the end of each day to review and record how you invested your time for the day.

Journal: How do you invest / steward your time? Who or what dictates your time? How could you better invest your time?

#2: Solitude & Prayer Project (2x) (Total = 40min)

Reference Assignment #4-1 in your workbook OR view it online  at http://www.realmanschool.com/4-1-solitude-prayer-project/

Two times during the week, unplug, disconnect, go somewhere, and sit still. Use the above referenced assignment to guide your time. As men, we often busy ourselves with anything and everything. Our minds and environments are constantly buzzing with stimulus. This will feel like torture for many of you… that’s OK. The purpose of this time is simple to sit still, unwind, collect your thoughts, and contemplate who God is, his blessings, your sin, life, how you spend your time, how you yearn for or feel disconnected from God. Talk to him.

#3: Bible: John 15:1-17, 2 Peter 1:3-15 (2x)  (Total = 20 min)

Passages: John 15:1-17 and 2 Peter 1:3-15. Read 2-4 times during the week.

Journal: What are your thoughts / questions? What does it mean to rest in Christ for you?

#4: Food Fast: Fast from One Lunch or Dinner (10min)

Read the following assignments:

Intentionally (accidentally does not count) choose your more significant meal between lunch and dinner and do not eat anything. You may drink water. If you have practiced fasting before, consider a 1 or more day fast.

Journal: How was this experience? Think about the humanness of Jesus and his 40 day fast. Think about the power (or lack thereof) of “the flesh” / your physical body.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a health reason for why you should not participate in this, please do not participate.

#5: Fasting: Choose Your Time & Actions (–min)

There is probably something you know you could / should fast from during the week: sports, Facebook, video games, unhealthy obsession with exercise, television, etc. Choose to NOT participate for this one week.

What is THAT thing? _______________________________________

Contact someone or everyone in your group and share your commitment. Pray for others in your group.

#6: Sermon: Francis Chan: Prayer as a Way of Walking in Love: A Personal Journey (60min)

Pray for God to speak to you. Watch or Listen to the sermon. Pray.

#7: Article: How to Have a Quiet Time (10min)

Reference Assignment #4-4 on page 95 of your workbook OR view it online at http://www.realmanschool.com/go/how-to-quiet-timeIn case no one has ever actually explained what the a mystical Christian “quiet time” is, this short article offers a perspective on how to build regular rhythms of connecting with God into your life.

Survey: Spiritual Practices (10min) – AVAILABLE on Tuesday, November 5

Complete this short survey near the end of your week. It is intended to learn more about your experience with spiritual disciplines.


Extra Credit

#8: Prayer for the Nations: 60 Day Newsletter

Signup for this newsletter to be challenged in widening your prayer life for people and places you do not know. 

#9: Read the Book of James OUT LOUD to Yourself

Read the entire book of James OUT LOUD to yourself.

#10: Read the Book of Ecclesiastes

Read the entire book of James.

#11 – Francis Chan – Live Worthy of the Gospel